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Technique used if a girl lets you finger her in the ass, but won't let you have anal sex with her. Most effective when you can tell that she is curious to try it and turned on by her own naughty thoughts, but scared that it will hurt. Sneaking it in occurs after you have successfully put one, then two fingers in her ass. This is when you quickly make the switch, pulling the two fingers out of her ass and sneaking your cock in there instead without her noticing the switch until its too late. This is when she will most likely just accept that she has a cock in her ass and just keep taking it.
Last night I ended up sneaking it in on this chick, and she took it like a champ after the instant realization that she was no longer an anal virgin.
by Quagmire_G December 12, 2009
Setting the scene...you have acquainted a girl whose appearance is questionable at best and who may have her own gravitational pull. Therefore you sneak her into your house so that your neighbors don't see her (needless to say it is a necessity to consume massive amounts of alcohol and keep the lights in your house dimmed at all times). The sex is initiated by her giving you head (girls with a "nice personality" are extremely skilled in this act since they have to be) followed by various positions of regular sex. Next, you put her in the doggystyle position on the bed and analize her Tiger (Woods) style. An intentional incessant anal pounding ensues, resulting in the condom breaking so that only the ring of the condom is left on. Pull out when you are ready to cum and pretend to take the condom off (she doesn't know that it's broken). Then immediately stick your cock in her mouth and make her suck it and swallow the cum. Try not to laugh too hard when you see the expression on her face as she realizes from the taste in her mouth that the condom must have broken and she just took a cock straight from her ass to her mouth.
Melissa unknowingly got to savour the flavour when I pulled out of her ass, took the broken condom off, then came in her mouth and made her swallow.
by Quagmire_G April 07, 2010
The Ceasar salad takes preparation and patience, requiring saving/building up a load (of cum) for a week or two to get the full desired effect. The move is initiated by having the girl lay flat on her stomach while penetrating her from the back alternating between anally and vaginally. Pull out when close to ejaculation and cum all over her back, ass, and in her hair. Thereby covering her like a Ceasar salad with a huge saved up load. Immediately realizing that she is covered like a Ceasar salad, she will ask you to wipe it off with a towel since she can’t reach all over her back to get all the cum and she can feel it running down her sides. A true artist will not want to take anything away from his creation of a masterpiece and will refuse to clean up the crime scene while admiring his work proudly, obviously denying to wipe the cum off her with a towel. This will most likely piss her off and result in you being called an insensitive selfish asshole or similar, but it will be amusing to watch her struggle with wiping off the excessive load of cum all over her while she is getting up and leaving your place. This move is especially recommended on redheads or strawberry blondes.
Last night I covered Lisa like a Ceasar salad and she got pissed because she asked me to wipe it off her, but I refused and admired my masterpiece like a true artist. She left, but later came back for more.
by Quagmire_G January 31, 2010

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