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1.1936 Marshmallows
2.Air puffed sugar delights.
3.Hand-puffed at the factory in Neuconsin.
"Fluffy puff air puffed sugar delights, hand-puffed at the factory in Neuconsin
by Raised by a cup of coffee August 11, 2003
a air-puffed marshmellow Homestarrunner enjoys to eat with melonade.
Before I drink a tall glass of melonade, I like to eat about 147 Fluffy Puff Marshmellows..
by mz.winky November 13, 2003
the brand of marshmallow that homestar likes best!!!
I weally like those fluffpuff mawshmellows!
by zydeko March 01, 2003
(1)Any fluffed marshmellow endorsed by Marshie
first to eat a million wins!
by Joseph McKinney November 20, 2003
a delicous marshmellow
I like to eat about 147 fluffy puff marshmellows!
by you wish August 10, 2003
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