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13 definitions by olly

The most tasty excellent beer at bargain basement prices. Is brewed at Castlemaine Breweries in Brisbane, Australia.
Yeah shit yeah, twice, lets go get a carto of XXXX.
by olly June 13, 2004
Very drunk, completely intoxicated.
I was leathered last night.
by Olly August 30, 2003
comes from sneakers so it means shoes
yo ma sneaks aint clean
by olly June 02, 2004
To have bad luck, to be upset.
Jason was wounded to find out that his girlfriend had dumped him.
by Olly August 30, 2003
It's an adjective describing something really-really cool.
hey, look at those cresent fresh skulls in my salad.
by Olly June 26, 2003
The finger that is frequently used to pleasure the anus.
Oh no, i've sprained my bumfinger

John's bum finger looks brown. He must hae been using it.
by olly April 13, 2004
Dinner. Food. Meal.
Are you coming to get some scoff?
by Olly August 30, 2003