Anything and or everything.

Variants include: Snarfed, Snarfing, Snarfsicle. NEVER use plural form, snarfs.
I love snarf
by no1uno5 December 13, 2010
To sneeze while ejaculating causing one to blow their load uncontrollably everywhere.
I was about to cum and I fucking snarfed everywhere!
by crazedwalrushunter April 08, 2010
To jokingly put a finger or pencil temporarily into someones anus. Usually used in a social setting.
Pete: You just got snarfed!!
by Neutrino man March 17, 2010
the best word ever, replaces curse words
I totally just snarfed that hot blonde
by platapus maker December 16, 2009
The act of sneezing so hard that you fart with great pain.
That pepper made me snarf so hard, i thought my colon was going to fall out.
by Jack Bequick November 10, 2009
1. A person who has too much free time on his hands and chooses not to do anything.

2. A person that is annoying you constantly.
Hey, Don't be a snarf, your pissing me off.

Dude your such a snarf, go get some friends and do something useful.
by ManyNames101 August 05, 2009
To Snarf means to sneeze while throwing up, regardles of which action came first, and causes a massive dispersion that can be very inconvenient in certain situations.
While driving home from the party, i snarfed so hard it covered my windshield.
by jester22151 May 09, 2009

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