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Snarf has many definitions, as stated Captain Reese the Fucking Wizard Johnson, and really could be used in most situations in place of almost and verb. Also may be used as a sign of great surprise. Term coined by a local Vermont band, Pyronova.
"Look at him, just snarfing along."

"He snarfed it right out of Jeff's hand!"

"He thinks he's snarfing around."

"May the snarf be with you."


"You snarfing scared me!."
by Pyronova April 18, 2010
A female that has the ability of taking your breath away; To acquire, with little concern for others, the concentration and consideration from the surrounding community; A person regarded as physically attractive.
Say bro, I just saw this snarf walking on campus who almost made me wreck my slab.
by Oskee Woskee November 02, 2009
A complete and utter retard of the highest order, often altered to the word Snarftard.

Snarfs generally talk out of their arses, and make comments that make little or no sense.

They also tend to be pathetic individuals, who whine that life has been tough for them.
That makes no sense at all, why must you be such a Snarf?
by Mr. Samoa Joe May 25, 2009
Snarfing (v): The weird semi-snorting noise you make when you're going down on a chick and you're trying to breathe through your nose but you can't quite because the flaps keep getting in the way
Go snarf yourself, bitch
by wordanon April 11, 2009
a mix between a snarl and and "arf"; a dog cry with a threat or complaint implied.
The rottweiler sat impatiently and let out a snarf in frustration when it was not given any steak.
by iNi<d>kca March 20, 2009
A penis for a nose.
OMG!, Look at the snarf on that girl!
by Snarfmaster March 07, 2009
An advanced act of sexual prowess, where by a male receiving head, upon ejaculation tells a joke so moving that the felattio giver ejects the semen through the nostrils due to uncontrollable laughter.
1.Hey man, I totally got Becky to snarf last night by telling her a knock knock joke.

2. Yeah bitch! Snarf my twelve inches!
by Jack Conrad-Davies March 04, 2009