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noun. miserable, disgusted look commonly found on average looking girls who lack attention. this foul facial expression tends to intimidate guys making her that much more unapproachable.
Yo look at the snarl on that bitches face.
by Patrick O'Sullivan March 04, 2009
The sound a man makes when causing his own penis to ejaculate onto the face of a female victim
SNARL! Damn bitch i just snarled all over your face. Wipe that jiz off.
by Seal the Deal April 11, 2006
Adj. An ugly crack whore
Dude, check that snarl on the corner
by John "Mossberg" October 29, 2005
v. perform a blow-job
How much for a snarlin' darlin'?
by Greaseman March 27, 2003
a cigarette
yo dog, can i huff a snarl?
by Steve December 11, 2003