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yea he was the nursemaid on thundara...but snarf could literally mean anything
" Where the snarf is he at???"

"You got any snarfy snarf" in this case it means marijuana

"Lets go...Snarf it up"
by Jon Dizle January 15, 2009
Making fun of Spencer ludin and to lose your virginity
Spencer's never snarfed hahah
by devin bon patel December 31, 2008
An unfortunate consequence of inhaling too hard whilst administering fellatio, resulting in the imbibing of both phallus and testes. Often to painful results, i.e. screaming.
This ho was givin' me a blow job, and she sucked so hard she 'effin snarfed me! So I snuffed her in the face!
by OhGodHelpIveBeenSnarfed November 19, 2008
When you grow a penis instead of a nose
Mrs. Ericka Nichol's snarf giggled as she blew her nose(penis)
by E.T.P May 12, 2009
Someone who makes a practice of smelling farts and actually enjoys it. Can usually be seen sniffing bicycle seats and soiled underwear.
I saw Wayner fart and pull the covers over his head in bed yesterday. That guy is such a snarf.
by timboooo December 25, 2007
to smell a particularly stanky fart.
Hey Jill snarf this.
Get a snarf of that.
by kyle pet. August 20, 2007
To Snarf some one:
To step into a random or non random persons face and while doing this you shout the word,"snarf!"
If the individual jumps or is frightened by your "snarf" you have accomplished.
or it can be used as a replacement word.
" Hey, guys lets go snarf this little clown."
"oh yeah, man do it. it'll be funny"
"hahahahaha, what a girl you snarfed him so bad"


"What the snarf!?"
"maaan i snarfed your mom last night, i was dissapointed."
by Mathew Rose January 24, 2008