a mix between a snarl and and "arf"; a dog cry with a threat or complaint implied.
The rottweiler sat impatiently and let out a snarf in frustration when it was not given any steak.
by iNi<d>kca March 20, 2009
A penis for a nose.
OMG!, Look at the snarf on that girl!
by Snarfmaster March 07, 2009
yea he was the nursemaid on thundara...but snarf could literally mean anything
" Where the snarf is he at???"

"You got any snarfy snarf" in this case it means marijuana

"Lets go...Snarf it up"
by Jon Dizle January 15, 2009
Making fun of Spencer ludin and to lose your virginity
Spencer's never snarfed hahah
by devin bon patel December 31, 2008
An unfortunate consequence of inhaling too hard whilst administering fellatio, resulting in the imbibing of both phallus and testes. Often to painful results, i.e. screaming.
This ho was givin' me a blow job, and she sucked so hard she 'effin snarfed me! So I snuffed her in the face!
by OhGodHelpIveBeenSnarfed November 19, 2008
Someone who makes a practice of smelling farts and actually enjoys it. Can usually be seen sniffing bicycle seats and soiled underwear.
I saw Wayner fart and pull the covers over his head in bed yesterday. That guy is such a snarf.
by timboooo December 25, 2007
1) A slang from the 50's denoting a pervert (most always male) who likes to sniff farts or ass. The snarf will often seek out and sniff the chair/cushion or bicycle seat of someone in the hopes that they will be able to smell a trace of ass lingering from the person who last used it.

2) Sexual arousal from the smell of ass or pussy.
That perverted snarf was hanging around the school yard sniffing bicycle seats again.

Bill got an erection from the smell of dirt ass down at the nursing home.

He loves the smell of shit gas! what a fucking snarf!
by titties and cake September 10, 2004

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