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yea he was the nursemaid on thundara...but snarf could literally mean anything
" Where the snarf is he at???"

"You got any snarfy snarf" in this case it means marijuana

"Lets go...Snarf it up"
by Jon Dizle January 15, 2009
3 12
Making fun of Spencer ludin and to lose your virginity
Spencer's never snarfed hahah
by devin bon patel December 31, 2008
7 16
An unfortunate consequence of inhaling too hard whilst administering fellatio, resulting in the imbibing of both phallus and testes. Often to painful results, i.e. screaming.
This ho was givin' me a blow job, and she sucked so hard she 'effin snarfed me! So I snuffed her in the face!
by OhGodHelpIveBeenSnarfed November 19, 2008
1 10
When you grow a penis instead of a nose
Mrs. Ericka Nichol's snarf giggled as she blew her nose(penis)
by E.T.P May 12, 2009
3 13
Someone who makes a practice of smelling farts and actually enjoys it. Can usually be seen sniffing bicycle seats and soiled underwear.
I saw Wayner fart and pull the covers over his head in bed yesterday. That guy is such a snarf.
by timboooo December 25, 2007
13 23
to smell a particularly stanky fart.
Hey Jill snarf this.
Get a snarf of that.
by kyle pet. August 20, 2007
9 19
Snarf is a little animal. It is also an dessert with cake.
"Did you already put the snarf in the cake dessert?"
by dniworrom May 14, 2008
9 20