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a word used when someone makes a corney joke, bad pun, etc.
" you glad i didn't say banana?"

(roll your eyes) "arf."
by Tree February 18, 2005
Doggy sound which can be substituted to woof, bowow, etc.
Dog: arf! arf! arf! arf! arf!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
This word was commonly used in the British magazine PC Gamer and later spread from their official forums to several IRC channels and other forums.

When someone would make a joke that is funny as well as slighting shocking (although this last part has become optional) people would reply with a simple "Arf!"
by Red Avatar May 19, 2003
Term meaning a person of African decent who cannot swim or swim well. Derived from the acronym A.R.F. which stands for African Rock Fish. Used by lifeguards or ride attendants in the U.S. northeast who generally work at the jersey shore or water parks near large urban areas.
Hey Bob, keep an eye on that Arf heading for deeper water.
by B.O.D. May 04, 2007
African refugee face. The face that you make when you are embarrassed. It looks like an upside down grin, you make this face when you are in an awkward situation. This face looks like a person of african descent when trying to smile in a photo.
Mike: Did you see those ugly betty last night it sucked.
Nicole: Arf arf i love that show.
Mike: why are you arfing.
by ElonReyesDaw January 14, 2010
A doglike sound used to ward off haters or opponents...
Arf! Nickelodean (yelled at the Rucker after dunkin' on a wanksta who thought they was all that)
by DGizzle August 28, 2006
A slang term usually used to describe an overweight girl in wet look leggings since it resembles the wet look skin of a seal. Arf is derived from the cartoonesque barking noise that seals are known to make.
Look at the size of Sammy in that leggings. Talk about arf arf!
by sealhunter123 November 18, 2009
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