A word to one may shout at pedestrians from a car. Usually causes hilarity and occasionally a middle finger.
You are driving down the street and yell, "SNAKES!" at a pedestrian. Watch what happens.
by carsamchamir June 24, 2010
V. to take without permission; to steal; (most commonly without the other party knowing).
"Dude, who just snaked my shit man?"
by Nick and Kyle October 02, 2009
It means like when someone is being sneaky & disses you. Like posting a bad picture of you on Instagram
She a snake for posting that pic a me on IG
by you're a bamfh. July 29, 2014
a dickhead that goes around getting with every girl they can get with and then just dropping them like hot shit
hey I'm a snake

hey that bolos a snake
fuck snakes
by thatggirl101: * June 16, 2014
to snake is to study or work on something, often university tasks and assignments. The slyness associated with snakes supports the use of it in this context because being sly is often seen as clever.
I'm gonna snake on my project tomorrow morning.
Wanna snake on the problem sheet today?
by TheGofGs February 17, 2014
a long skinny poop that "snakes" down the toilet is often referred to as a snake.
Dude every time my wife leaves the bathroom, she leaves a snake in the toilet.
by The Professor's Brain June 01, 2013
A snake is when the shit in your large intestine solidifies into one solid piece of crap, measuring the length of the intestine. This turd then comes out of your ass in one LOOOOOOOONG piece, often coiling five times just to fit in the bowl. The pain can also cause you to make hissing sounds.
I pulled off a snake
by Bojojo2 July 11, 2011

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