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95 definitions by Piranha

The biggest racist hypocrites around!
To the NAACP, it is ok if there is a black history month as well as "african american clubs" in school, but watch what happens when someone tries to set up a "European-American Club" in a school.......the NAACP will say "No, you can't have that!".....it actually happened in Northern California a few years ago.

To the liberals who I know will recommend this for deletion, hey it's the truth!!!
by Piranha February 09, 2005
The official sport of in breeds, rednecks as well as white trash!
Look at all those WT at the NASCAR race!
by Piranha May 15, 2005
What "certain folks" like to cry when they don't get their way.
Awe.....that shopkeeper won't keep the shop often after closing time for me to shop...I'm going to cry the race card!!!
by Piranha January 27, 2005
A cable music network that has downgraded to almost nothing in the last few years since they always air rap crap almost the entire day!
MTV is trying to be a BET wannabe in the name of political correctness!
by Piranha November 03, 2004
A radical so-called "Church" under the leadership of so-called "Reverend" Fred Phelps based out of Topeka, Kansas. They are infamous for their controversial practice of picketing outside of funerals of U.S. servicemembers killed in Iraq. WBC Recently lost a $11,000,000 dollar judgement filed by a father of one of the late servicemembers whose funeral they picketed.
The freaks at Westboro Baptist Church makes all Christians look bad.
by Piranha November 01, 2007
A bunch of rats who insist on forcing their religious beliefs on the general public at all costs, including harassment.
A whole bunch of Jehovah's Witness freaks woke me up on my day off last week, what a bunch of subversive losers!
by Piranha April 24, 2006
A cheapshot program mandated by some government agencies and institutions to give preference to Africans based on their skin color alone, it can be used by females and certain other races as well, but africans are the main benefactor, hence the definition.
I can't believe it...I lost a spot at UM even though I have a higher test score to the other guy due to Affirmative Blaction giving him a 20 point raise in the test scores! /=(
by Piranha October 26, 2004