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The sound nerds make when portraying true nerdish qualities or when pushing up their glasses.
not pronounced Fuh nuh guh huh
Nerd: Hey dudeth! wanna play pokemon in my tweehouthe? FNGH
You: fuck off lameass
Nerd: pweathe! my mom is making cookieth!
by Pokemonfreak1231 October 23, 2004
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This is the snorting sound that nerds make when they push up their glasses.
Drew: Hi Friends! Pokemon meeting at the treehouse. You better be there at 5 PM sharp (like the tip of a space alien hovascope!) FNGH
Chris Jackson (A.K.A. High School Football star quarterback, 10 girlfriends in 5 years): Shut the hell up, NERD!
Drew: Back off before I report you to administration for insubordination and failure to comply to school guidelines set out in the policy handbook!
by Ben October 23, 2004
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