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1920's porn star Ray Wad member characterized in a 12 pound member. you can hear the women screaming even though the movies were silent.
Ray Wad walked into the room and unzipped his trousers and proclaimed "Look at this snake!!" all the women fainted.
by raymundo September 09, 2004
43 39
Snake is an offensive word for Asians much like the "n" word for blacks. The word snake is used because both Asians and snakes have slitty eyes and are sneaky and evil. One way to make fun of snakes is to his when they walk by. Snake is most common used to describe very Asian people as "snakey" or a specific Asian "the snake". This word can be used as a code so Asians don't know your talking about them or to just make fun of Asians.
Charlie-"Holy shit look it's the snake!"
Katlin(the Asian)-"Ching chong Ching chong!"
by Snakeburner69 October 01, 2012
14 12
A liar. Someone who is a flake, and backs out of every opportunity to hang out or play video games.
"yo, wheres Tito?"
"He's not coming, said he's going to watch wrestling"
"wow, hes on facebook"
"what a fuckin' snake"
by NoSnakesAllowed January 03, 2014
2 1
A term skaters use to describe someone who cuts ahead of people taking turns skating a spot or obstacle. Usually done by jerks who think they run the park/spot or inexperienced skaters who don't understand the unspoken rules of the skate spot/park.
" I don't like skating there when Mike is there, hes a snake."

" I can't even go cause i keep getting snaked!"
by JavWad December 25, 2013
1 0
An animal that lacks any bones, has fangs, and may or may not produce venom. Aren't actually scary creatures, and give great hugs.
I was surprised when I felt something traveling around my abdomen, but I was relieved to realize it was just my pet snake, giving me a hug.
by Haemophilia November 09, 2013
2 2
A word to one may shout at pedestrians from a car. Usually causes hilarity and occasionally a middle finger.
You are driving down the street and yell, "SNAKES!" at a pedestrian. Watch what happens.
by carsamchamir June 24, 2010
9 8
V. to take without permission; to steal; (most commonly without the other party knowing).
"Dude, who just snaked my shit man?"
by Nick and Kyle October 02, 2009
4 3