Taylor swift
Taylor swift pretended like she did not give concent to Kanye to use her in a song. She did and was later exposed, she is a snake
by Briana del rey July 21, 2016
It means like when someone is being sneaky & disses you. Like posting a bad picture of you on Instagram
She a snake for posting that pic a me on IG
by you're a bamfh. July 29, 2014
A liar. Someone who is a flake, and backs out of every opportunity to hang out or play video games.
"yo, wheres Tito?"
"He's not coming, said he's going to watch wrestling"
"wow, hes on facebook"
"what a fuckin' snake"
by NoSnakesAllowed January 03, 2014
1920's porn star Ray Wad member characterized in a 12 pound member. you can hear the women screaming even though the movies were silent.
Ray Wad walked into the room and unzipped his trousers and proclaimed "Look at this snake!!" all the women fainted.
by raymundo September 09, 2004
Some one who stabs you in the back or betrays you.
I thought we where all friends until they started talking about me. Now i know they are all just snakes
by Girl21 April 16, 2015
1. Snitch
2. One who snitches
3. When someone knows a friend has caught feels and still New Years kisses her

2. One who is a snitch

3. Snitch nigga
Damn, that snake, Andrew Seger, totally stole Nolans girl

That snake totally pulled a Pacher last night
by Facts.org January 02, 2015
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