1. A serpent-like individual who stops at nothing to fulfill her own motives, while usually under the disguise of being considerate to others.

2. The Queen of Facebook.

3. Mona.
by sssssssssssssssssssssnake October 10, 2010
(verb, noun, adj.) - An ill but intentional act to satisfy one's desire/amusement at the expense of others
1. I am feeling lonely tonight, let's go to the bar and snake!

2. Dougie's lack of poker skill is written all over his face. Whenever he steps into the poker room, the pros want to snake him for all his money

3. Chowder is called a snake by many of his ex-girlfriends. He is a hit and run type of guy.
by Tamtalizied July 30, 2009
Synonymous to cheating in a boardgame, or hacking in a video game, snakes are THE reason for everything that is wrong in our lives. You know who "they" are when Kyle and Stan says "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"? They're motherfucking snakes. This definition came about from the movie "Snakes on a Plane", where a terrified passenger screamed "Snakes!" as the lights went out, implying that snakes purposely turned off the lights in order to devour them.
9 headshots in a row? That is so snakes!
by Samuel "Shaft" L. Jackson September 08, 2006
A person who has been helped or aided by others and then when asked to return the favour stabs them in the back, or doesn't feel the need to return the favour.
Taylor: Hey man you coming to Colchester?
MrAz: Nah allow you, I aint giving you nothing on cabal and ima go Kingston allow you
Taylor: Your such a snake
MrAz: And what? Im IMurder I do what I want
by TokenBlackGuy2314 May 27, 2013
1). When your trying to get with everyone on the low.
2). Your a liar.
3). Somewhat close to being fake, because your doing grimey stuff to your friends even yourself..
4). Bullshitter

Became really popular at Tucson high Magnet School, years 2009-2010

"Skb" 1st started saying the word.
I can't believe she's cheating on him" "yeah I know dude, she's a "snake"
by ThsMS10 September 14, 2010
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