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Release is when you have reached the point of orgasm and "release" your sperm from the tip of your erect penis.
im about to realease... ahhhh
by Philip April 21, 2005
116 41
To get rid of a large amount of fluid one one go.
Harry released all over her face.
by Karl April 21, 2005
65 35
The male equivalent to "snatch".
I had asked he if he wanted to come back and see my place. We were just sitting there, hardcore making out, and then his release was out of his pants.
by Tommy and Laurel January 24, 2008
30 52
the best reggae song to ever be performed and is by the group seeed
seeed are the ultimate reggae band...they define cool
by mick shits gunpowder December 15, 2004
12 77