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someone who gets lots of kills playing fps games. they also use photoshop fairly well, and routinely send friends internest links that are funny (to snake or the person they send it to). they also have to speek with a distinct lingo and invent new words like lol!!one! jlol ... you get the point.

you cant call someone snake unless you have been called snake yourself.

snake can also be used in place of the word "owned"
"hey snake!"
"hi mom"
"yo snake, is your internet broken?"
"it was, but joe fixed it"
"i just snaked three allies with the mg"
"theres a snake in the grass"
by olymp14k05 April 30, 2007
a cooler name for the word internet. much better than calling it the world wide web, and plus, it sounds like the word "interest."
"go restart the internest, i think the network went down"
"What if i told you i could make you 1 million dollars, would you be internested in that?"
"i ran out of internets"
(note: internets can be used interchangeably for internest)
by olymp14k05 April 30, 2007
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