D-Archie, king cobra of the snake pit. will go out of his way to slither into someone elses business. a pretty cool guy though.
1:Do you hear that?
2:Yeah sounds like it's coming from the snake pit.
1:Probably that king cobra avatar darch.
2:Yeah, you're probably right.
by easthigh41 May 04, 2010
being a dog, or ditching/dogging mates for a woman or women.
Also known as a whitebeard.

people of this variety usually drive holden rodeo's.

Also known as a Kurt
person 1: gunna come party tonight ?

person 2: nah i'm going to go pick up these chicks in my rodeo and snake it all night.

person 1: c'mon man you dont wanna be known as Kurt the 2nd. . .
by sunnyboyzilla December 13, 2009
A long piece of poop.
Wow, it felt good to finally release that snake.
by The Hangman July 07, 2009
1) A "Snake" is any one of your friends; it is a term of endearment.

ie. "Hey snake!"

"Where are you, snake?"

"Where's the snake?"

2) To describe yourself, when doing any one thing you may be doing, or may be feeling

ie. "This snake needs a nap", "my snake lips are chapped", or "I'm a hungry snake"

3) You may say you are having a "snake nap, snake time, snake run, snake drink" ... etc.

4) To describe a fun time

ie. "I had the best snake time yesterday!"

*It may be used as a NOUN, or a VERB.
1) "Hey snake!"

"Where are you, snake?"

"Where's the snake?"

2) "This snake needs a nap"

"My snake lips are chapped"

"I'm a hungry snake"

3) snake nap, snake time, snake run, snake drink

4) "I had the best snake time yesterday!"
by princess4444 May 24, 2009
A move used to stop a conversation or to simply annoy people.

How to:
When someone is talking, move your right hand under the left armpit of the talker. Emit an upward force on your arm and stretch until not possible.
Harry used a snake move to annoy James.
by CobraStrike June 16, 2011
Verb: To snag, grab, get, snatch
"Hey bro, what's up?"
"Oh, not much, man. Im just tryin' to snake a brewski"
by Teflon Murda April 25, 2010
When you steal something.
I'm about to snake that shirt from JP.
by Anonymous 21222 March 06, 2010

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