a category of people in relation to having no identifiable heritage or culture.

The origin of Smith people are unknown (hence their generic last names and heritage). They are found in large numbers throughout the southern US but most especially the state of Texas.

often confused with redneck (an uneducated form of a smith)

With a last name like Johnson he is definetly a Smith.
by yoandro August 14, 2007
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Its my last name. Oh well, i can live with it.
uh i dunno Smith is cool!!!
by uh i dunno January 18, 2005
Smith is a universal word. It is the word of all words. It can be put anywhere in a sentence and is considerd grammaticaly and socially acceptable.
I totally smithed that girl last night. I had to take a smith. or simply: Smith smith smith.
by Kevin hung Brown March 17, 2008
the most oriqinal last name everrrr.
person#1 ; hello , im mr.smith.
person#2 ; qreaaaat , another one?
by cheelybowl February 26, 2009
n. a gun, usually a revolver, derived from "Smith and Wesson," also see credit card
Wipe that smirk off your face asshole, or I'll show you my Smith.
by Michael Gannett February 22, 2006
Shoot me in the head. Used when dealing with a situation where all you want is someone to put you out of your misery. Usually involving telephone customer service and that customer that has no clue what they are talking about and have been talking about for hours.
by KarmicJinx February 11, 2010
Verb 1. To drink far in excess of all other wedding reception participants, guests, officiants, or attendants at an open bar and to actively disrupt the celebratory event by means cutting in line to the open bar, blocking access to the open bar, being excessively gregarious, loud, insulting, self-depricating, and ending the night by being completely and utterly inebriated to the point of committing an unspeakable act such as vomiting all over one's self and others while in a heavily occupied passenger or commuter vehicle.

Verb 2. To be "that guy," at a wedding.

Present tense: To Smith. Past Tense: Smithed.

See Also: Jackass
That wedding would have been great had that tall dude with spikey hair not Smithed it.
by iwasthere June 13, 2013
An acronym created by a little Korean girl by the name of Eunice, meaning "Shoot Myself In The Head". Commonly used with the action of shooting oneself in the head with an imaginary gun made by your thumb, middle, and pointer fingers. This was created due to the fact that Korean parents do not tolerate when their child pretend to shoot themselves with their fake finger guns. Most commonly used to finish a sentence. This can also be used with or without a hash tag (#).
Realizing that tomorrow is your first day of school, knowing that you haven't started your summer homework. SMITH

While swimming at the pool, you wanted to impress your crush by doing a cool trick off the diving board. After diving you realize your crush smiling at you, but not looking at your face. You look down, and say to yourself "oh would you look at that my top came off". Well, darn you sure gave him a show. #SMITH
by smithscreator August 20, 2011

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