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Heaven Sent; also considered a Gift of God.
A beautiful woman who graces those she meets with joy and loving kindness. Hillary is a friend, a lover, and an all around picture of perfection.(Did I mention she's more gorgeous than you, with perfect teeth and a killer ass?)
"Wow, Hillary is everything I've ever wanted to be..."
by snoopmuffin April 13, 2008
to "pull a hillary":
v. To keep trying to win a game that has already been lost, at the expense of everyone else involved.

"I'm tired and hungry and you're losing 10 nothing. Lets go home. Don't pull a hillary."

"You're dividing a nation and weakening your political party in a critical time! Get behind your opponent, he's much more of a leader than you. Don't pull a hillary!"
by alex84 May 19, 2008
Describes a bull form of lesbian. The manly one of the couple.
Did you she that lesbian? What a hillary! She got bigger balls than Bill.
by G_meister April 11, 2007
A cheerful, kind girl. She's nice to anyone who is kind to her, but if you turn into a bitch, then don't expect her to give you kindness. She has days where she can be moody, but she will still make the effort to be happy. She has her random moments, and she can make people laugh easily.
Woah, she's really nice, she must be a Hillary.
by Saratoga girl February 03, 2010
N. A common name, usually used for the female sex.

V. To take a dump, To poop, To relieve ones self.
Nick: Dude Hillary is passed out from the massive amounts of alcohol she consumed tonight!

Kenny: This is our chance to Hillary all over her face!
by YeahOkYeahYeahOk February 15, 2011
A wannabe military girlfriend. They obsess over a certain military branch and hope to snag a serviceman. Commonly found in and around the Annapolis area trying to pick up midshipmen. Once they do get a military man the only pictures they take are of them with their boyfriend in uniform. Also have a huge obsession with V-J Day in Times Square picture (but have no knowledge of the actual photograph).
Girl 1: That girl hangs out in Annapolis all the time.
Girl 2: All she wants is a token mid.
Girl 1: What a Hillary
by Pooldude September 19, 2012
Woman wise beyond her years. Experienced, witty, sexual, hilarious. Seems standoff-ish at first because she knows the best way to keep a man interested is to ignore them. This could continue indefinatly. Doesn't care what the general population thinks of her because frankly, she's better than most of us anyway.
Guy #1: Dude, is she looking over here yet?

Guy #2: No dude, she's still not looking.

Guy #1: Well tell me when she looking okay..

Guy #2: Why don't you just make a play for her friend? She's still not looking and she's not gonna. She's being a total Hillary.
by highnmighty March 09, 2009
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