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Sayin bad things about/puttin someone down because they have something that you want
Yo you see that chick hatin because I go out with Lamont and her ass want him
by anonymous November 01, 2003
250 36
Not liking or appreciating, disliking.
Now don't cha be hatin', I'm jus' playin' witch ya.
by anonymous June 24, 2003
75 14
Expression of hostility or animosity towards someone.

Expression of hatred or detestation towards someone.
I'm never hatin' on you. Why are you hatin' on me all the time?
by anonymous July 08, 2004
63 36
A word used by people who are insulted but can't think of anything else to say so they say that
Person 1: Why does soulja boy suck so much dick at rapping?

Person 2: Man, stop hatin'

Person 1: Shut the fuck up you punk bitch

Person 2: Man, stop hatin'

Person 1:....
by groch May 20, 2009
20 7
When someone puts you down based on your likes and dislikes.
Cmon, don't be hatin'. Don't hate because i listen to Miley Cyrus
by Kinimod October 17, 2010
6 2
in education: what a student claims a teacher does when they correct they students work because its wrong
Sue: Man, Mr. P marked most of my answers wrong, I swear he is "hatin"
by MCMathGuy July 13, 2011
20 17
To not change your photo on Facebook when its for a good reason...
Brett Lawrence:"i'm not changing my profile picture to some cartoon character.
do something."

Such a hatin' fool
by A non hater December 03, 2010
2 8