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The act of not swearing when rapping or talking.
1.Fuck that shit you nigga!
2.Hey you need to will smith that shit
by Sly Tha Gangsta February 27, 2005
A famous actor and rapper. He has been in several movies and his own TV Show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Most people believe he is a better actor than rapper.
"I just flew over here from Tokyo and am travelling to South Africa on Sunday. I'm so jetlagged, sometimes I even forget to be sexy."--Will Smith
by Newbia September 19, 2004
Will smith was one of the very few people do to successfully in all aspects of entertainment (music, TV and film).

We all make fun of his songs now but you bought his songs, you knew the words u sang it in the car stop lying!

His movies are always good, Bad Boys 1&2, was the perfect man to play Cassius Clay in Ali
Men in Black 2- Will Smith: "Put this on"
Will Smith
:"the last suit you'll ever where.... again"
by Allan S November 21, 2005
He's a much better actor than rapper. He was an okay rapper but definitely not the greatest. No where near the greatest. I'd buy one of his cd's for my kid or my kid brother or sister or i'd use it as a dust pan, but i'd be first in line to see one of his movies.
He's basically just decent
Not good not bad
by Doc February 28, 2004
1. Really good rapper, Miami , Getting Jiggy Wit It, Men in Black ..... you can't deny you loved those songs.
2. Sexy hot actor, too
3. Cousin to juli smith
"I love it how Will Smith never curses. He is hott."
by ploopster March 14, 2005
Will Smith One of the best actors of our time. He was in men in black, ali, men in black 2, bad boys, bad boys 2, six degrees of separation, Independence Day, I, Robot, Hancock, I am Legend, Wild Wild West And Also 7 pounds (i really cant wait till see that movie!)

Will Smith leads the pack of Hollywood's best-paid actors, banking an estimated $80 million over the course of the year. Frequently called the hardest-working man in Hollywood, Smith has proved that no matter the genre he can deliver an audience.

Will Smith is the first actor in Hollywood history to have eight straight movies eclipse $100 million at the box office.

he was on he show the fresh prince of belair. he got the nick name fresh prince from school because of his way he could talk himself out of trouble. he started that show after going bankrupt. He first got famouse for being a rapper

He is a mega superstar. He is an awesome actor, he is a producer, his production company is overbrooke entertainment which is named after his highschool, he has excelled in the music industry, he also wrote a book.
who is that guy in Hancock?

It was will smith silly
by Aimzey4☺☻♥♠♣ March 05, 2009
his new cd lost and found is da shit. i love it and can't stop listening to it.
will smith is the best actor/ actor
by old man schmidt May 02, 2005
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