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10 definitions by diction

The definition of sexy.
Mandy Moore is hot.
by diction April 09, 2003
n, a disgustingly addictive website
Livejournal.com is a disgustingly addictive website
by diction April 10, 2003
n. actor
Are you a thespian?
by diction April 10, 2003
n. A really great cover band
Sixpence None the Richer
covered There She Goes and Don't Dream.
by diction April 09, 2003
dreamier than hyslop by a hair
Have you seen that Tsikitas? He is even dreamer than a Hyslop could ever be.
by diction November 10, 2003
synonym for "stalled in production"
I can't believe G-Union wasted good money watching the first in this Undercover Brother series to begin with! He must not have an appreciation for Mandy Moore movies.
by diction July 15, 2003
The ability of a gay individual to turn a straight mans appetite for female puntang into an insatiable lust for male a**.
"straight male 1": Yo Mario, check out the badunkadunk ounnn dddddtttaaaatt!
"Mario before gaypow": Yeah homes, dat badunkadunk be badunkadunk'n!
'enter male fag lispy tone': Hellso, bigs boys, (zzziizzizizziizi-gaypow)
"Mario after gaypow": Yo cuz, fugits tat badunkadunk, . . . I wanna fo' shizzle my nizzle in yoa annalizil.
by diction May 26, 2004