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4 definitions by Graycard

An acronym consisting of the initial letters of the phrase Just Another Fucked-Up Rich Kid.
Bye-bye Bushie.
Such a JAFURK.
I got no time for Hillary. Sorry, she's a total JAFURK.
by Graycard June 16, 2008
When a device you operate for others' profit pretends it's human.
An ATM or gas pump that ends your transaction with the message "It's been a pleasure to serve you" that's a techlie.
by Graycard May 10, 2008
Yes, it does imply the addressee's doom, but for a slightly different etymology, see the quote below:
Sergeant to buck private: "Your ass is grass and I'm the mower."
by Graycard May 12, 2008
The opposite of jones. A strong, unreasonable, and permanent aversion to someone or something. As a verb, to express or act on that aversion; hatin on it/him/her.
Can't help it dude. I'm just smithin fulltime on Hillary.
by Graycard April 23, 2008