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A women's college in Northampton, MA. One of the highest-ranked colleges in the nation. Known for its all-around academic excellence as well as its beautiful campus.
This is about Smith.
by kumquats March 22, 2005
A person who has become over
whelmingly and unneccesarily arrogant due to a recent rise in social-status, usually financial income, automotive or significant other. As a result this person is intollerable to be around, not because they make you feel lesser than them, but because they are so blindly full of themselves that they don't notice that nobody is jealous or envies them. At first people are happy for the "smith", but eventually once "smith" status is achieved the outcome is innevitable; dying alone in a dingy apartment with only cats for company.
"Micheal's arrogance used to be endearing till he got his job at westpac. Now he thinks everyone wants to be him, but they just think he's a total Smith"
by Michael "for your own good" Durie January 10, 2008
a category of people in relation to having no identifiable heritage or culture.

The origin of Smith people are unknown (hence their generic last names and heritage). They are found in large numbers throughout the southern US but most especially the state of Texas.

often confused with redneck (an uneducated form of a smith)

With a last name like Johnson he is definetly a Smith.
by yoandro August 14, 2007