An acronym created by a little Korean girl by the name of Eunice, meaning "Shoot Myself In The Head". Commonly used with the action of shooting oneself in the head with an imaginary gun made by your thumb, middle, and pointer fingers. This was created due to the fact that Korean parents do not tolerate when their child pretend to shoot themselves with their fake finger guns. Most commonly used to finish a sentence. This can also be used with or without a hash tag (#).
Realizing that tomorrow is your first day of school, knowing that you haven't started your summer homework. SMITH

While swimming at the pool, you wanted to impress your crush by doing a cool trick off the diving board. After diving you realize your crush smiling at you, but not looking at your face. You look down, and say to yourself "oh would you look at that my top came off". Well, darn you sure gave him a show. #SMITH
by smithscreator August 20, 2011
Slang term for a Smith and Wesson handgun, either a revolver or autoloader.
Hermes the Pimp wore a nickel plated Smith in his shoulder holster.

Roscoe put his Smith to Carl's dome and insisted that payment for the rock sold him on Tuesday was due today.
by Gatorfarmer March 15, 2006
A word referring to female genitalia or females in a sexual way.
1. Let's go hit the dirty dancefloor, I'm hunting some smith tonight.
2. Geez that bitch has some hairy smith.
by smithhunter April 07, 2011
"shoot myself in the head" (s.m.i.t.h., pronounced "smith"). This term is not literal and does not actually allude to suicide. It simply means one is bored, tired, agitated to the degree of doing something as absurd as shooting oneself in the head.
My hangover is so terrible today I would rather s.m.i.t.h. than go into the office.
by wendi August 30, 2006
Word Can Be Used For Almost Everything.
1.Last Name
2.First Name
3.Type Of Apple
1.Tanya Smith
2.Smith Newman
3. Dude, Those Smith Apples Are So Nice
4. John Is A Smith
5. Smith, Smith Smith
6. Smith,Tanya
by Venom Beast The Second July 06, 2014
The person you blame for everything, regardless of whether or not they had any part in it. Kind of like a scape goat.
No, I didn't break the vase. It was Smith.
by that one jane doe July 19, 2010
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