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All around known as the slang term for normal, every-day, nothing special.
Person 1: How Was last night?
Person 2: Ehhh it was smith
by aaabbbccceee September 27, 2008
The opposite of jones. A strong, unreasonable, and permanent aversion to someone or something. As a verb, to express or act on that aversion; hatin on it/him/her.
Can't help it dude. I'm just smithin fulltime on Hillary.
by Graycard April 23, 2008
To steal a deal from your friend and take it as your own.
Guy 1: "Oh hey, I'm gonna ask Charlie if I can buy his 1st gen Iphone."

Guy 2: {Runs over to Charlie} "Here's $200, I'm buying your Iphone!"

Guy 1: "Hey, you just smith'd me out of an Iphone!!!!"
by candl February 19, 2009
A bmx grind where the front peg is grinding the object and the back tire is on top of the object
That was a huge smith grind down that rail
by Biker August 04, 2004
n. locksmith; shoesmith
Smith is working overtime.
by diction April 10, 2003
Full blown retarded. Not to be confused with the second entry under "Tool." Which we wrote. By the way.

A smith is incapable of even the simplest acts, and is unable to function in every day life.
"Wow, what a smith."
by Tyler & Rachel May 10, 2010
A person who does not leave and does not understand the word no. Usaly this type of person trys to act black or to plat b-ball which the person is horrible at both.
"God that person over there is such a smith."
by sfgfgfhthjsgjsg May 22, 2009