a situation looks bleak or there is no hope
the republicans beating obama next election. it's slow
by gvillehookup October 18, 2011
1. not fast
2. euphemism for stupid
1. I hate fuckers that drive slow in the fast lane.
2. Well, Forrest is just a bit slow.
by zachwolff October 20, 2003
Someone who is lacking mental capacity, sluggish or needs long time to react or learn.
To put it bluntly, he is, well, slow. I don't mean to sound condescending (I'm not exactly a rocket scientist either), but that is what he is.
by il--ya June 12, 2014
When somthing is crazy, cool, insane
A ferrari drives by and Rey says to Hossam "slow whip"(car)
by Rey galiano December 25, 2007
compound word for Slut and Hoe
also means super slut
originated in our small as fuk three block town in 2010 when we needed a way to secretly make fun chongas and the sluty girls of our school
Damn that girl is such a slow, i heard that she went out with 10 guys this month.
by tt ml December 20, 2010
(adj.) mildly retarded, evoking nimroddish qualities in a manner likely to invoke frustration; stupid; special (in a derogatory manner).
That guy who sends those dirty emails is slow.
by Roy Williams February 11, 2004
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