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A very very cool guy, with a penis the size of Nebraska (The Springsteen album... since it's an LP, it has a diameter of 12"). He's hot, he's cool... he's just so "very".

Also known as a "Reybee".
I wish I were Rey
by Moses January 14, 2004
Awesome person. King. Smarter than you'll ever be. When people see him they bow down and cry. Better than Chuck Norris.
ZOMG! ITS REY! *bow*weep*
by <--- Sumwer ---> May 27, 2008
an awesome guy. hes always there for u and looks like lil wayne jk.u can never be mad at him and hes easy to fall for, but he'll be there to catch u..u'll love him like i do;)
rey is awesome
by <3amanda<3 March 29, 2010
A pimp motherfucker. A person who has the approval of Jesus, Obama, Chuck Norris, etc. Specifically a handsome Filipino who attracts all the ladies.
He's so hot. That guy is a total rey!

You nailed that presentation! You're so rey right now.

Wow! I've never had multiple orgasms before. You're a rey.
by KoreanJesus March 21, 2012
A word used in Baltimore tell that you're about to do something
Yooo, I'm rey go make something to eat
by MyaWya April 04, 2015
pedi-pod (foot) sniffer. spends too much money. loves name brands (puma). braggart. talkative. germaphobe. pet lover. mama's boy. loves to fight. adores blue skies. loves spending time on the computer or television.
rey the king
by yougotshanked 911 June 14, 2009
A derisive term, used to express ones enjoyment in witnessing or hearing about the misfortune of others.

Rey was born in Horndean School in the early 90’s.

Can be pronounced in several ways.

1) After a small incident, like your friend telling you that his girlfriend is cheating on him, ‘rey’ is pronounced much like ‘ray’ or ‘ree’
2) If a major catastrophe has befallen him, like he has dropped his pint in his lap, one should use ‘reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah’, pronounced in the manner of a cockney Liam Gallagher.
"Did you hear that Macca got a black eye from a kid that looked like Harry Potter?


by THE NOO March 20, 2008
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