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The jagged tearing of tissue of the vagina to produce a deep, pussing, bleeding, ragged gash.
A klutzy girl named Liz was walking on he newly waxed floor with a knife in her hand. She was distracted by the lovely voice of her frinend Kacii. Lizabeth slipped and fell and as she did the knife stabbed into her vagina. Thus resulted in a vaginal laceration.
by Kacii-Ann August 15, 2006
When you don't know what specifically to search for on urban dictionary and you type a bunch of random letters just to see if anything comes up.
Kacii: What should I search for on urban dictionary, since we have no lives and all.
Sam: Umm, I dunno.
Kacii: ::Sighs and hits keyboard::
Sam: No Ghew? Make one.
Kacii: Kay. =]
by Kacii-Ann February 12, 2008
A concerned moan, when one doesn't have the time to spit out whole sentences like "Hey you, you are about to get hit by a moter vehicle."
Ooooooooogah! Oh damn, he still got hit.
by Kacii-Ann February 12, 2008
When you laugh at jokes 5 minutes late you are slow.
When your friends tell you something and you go WHHHHAAATTTTT???? and then they explain and you go OH LMAO!... you are slow.
When your name is Vickie... you are slow.
When your girlfriend and your best friend make fun of you because you don't get anything they say... you are slow.
Vickie, you are slow, but I still love you.
by Kacii-Ann August 22, 2006

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