(adj.) mildly retarded, evoking nimroddish qualities in a manner likely to invoke frustration; stupid; special (in a derogatory manner).
That guy who sends those dirty emails is slow.
by Roy Williams February 11, 2004
a person who has problems with knowing whats happening
that nigga is slow as hell he over there tryna sit on the urinal
by missythaBOSS February 05, 2011
When you laugh at jokes 5 minutes late you are slow.
When your friends tell you something and you go WHHHHAAATTTTT???? and then they explain and you go OH LMAO!... you are slow.
When your name is Vickie... you are slow.
When your girlfriend and your best friend make fun of you because you don't get anything they say... you are slow.
Vickie, you are slow, but I still love you.
by Kacii-Ann August 22, 2006
a hawaiian faggot, usually one who likes bigger white guys and enjoys sucking off mad dudes hardcore and taking it raw-dog in the ass. openly gay and rocks the high and gay/ eraser haricut.
yo slows you are a homo
by jerome March 24, 2004
When someone has just said a joke or something and about 10 seconds later someone goes Oh I get it! And then people say Blimey your slow.
Amy: How long does a smile go

Others: Dunno

Amy: A mile
(later on)

Anna: Ohhhh I get it!!

Others: Gosh, Your slow!
by AnziePansie August 12, 2008
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