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Someone who's slow minded and doesn't click in until five years later.

A person who doesn't understand what someone is going on about.

A posh person who doesn't understand their friends.
'OMG you are sooo slow'
by Llama God September 10, 2006
When you laugh at jokes 5 minutes late you are slow.
When your friends tell you something and you go WHHHHAAATTTTT???? and then they explain and you go OH LMAO!... you are slow.
When your name is Vickie... you are slow.
When your girlfriend and your best friend make fun of you because you don't get anything they say... you are slow.
Vickie, you are slow, but I still love you.
by Kacii-Ann August 22, 2006
erin slow= hommie g + gangsta muffin
slow: sup hommie g?!?!?
by a.c. March 18, 2005
see Dell
my dell is slower than molasses
by FhillyMan July 19, 2003
A synonym for head.
Wanna give me some slow before I leave for work?
by nodopemope September 22, 2009
another word for heroin, or any opiate.

opposite of uppers ie. 'speed'
"we scored some slow, then went back to his place and spooned up"
by mimetictexture August 13, 2006
what you tell someone that she\he is (usually via an Instant Messenger), as an entertaining way to inform her\him that she\he is slow-witted. It is especially humorous when they just don’t get it.. hence the person’s being ‘(s)low’!!
Kelsey: ..Geez. You're awfully (s)low.

Eric: ...‘(s)low’? Don’t you mean ‘slow’?? If so, I’ll have you know that I run a mile in under five minutes.

Kelsey: I’m sure you do*coughnotcough*.. But no, I mean ‘(s)low’: what »you« are.

Eric: What d’ya mean?

Kelsey: I’m not telling you; that’s for me to know, and for you to one day embarasedly find out.

Eric: But I dunno.. Are you sure it’s not the same as ‘slow’?

Kelsey: The more that you enquire into the meaning of your title--‘(s)low’--the more that it proves your being such.

Eric: How’m I s’pose to know what it means..

Kelsey: You are (s)low, you know..

Eric: Jus‘ shut up, I’m thinking..

Kelsey: About what, *you* and the *word ‘(s)low’*?

Eric: May be, may be not..

Kelsey: Exactly, you are, which be why I call you ‘(s)low one’. Just proves my point.

*Looking too deeply into it, Eric tries the hardest he can to learn the meaning and\or pun of ‘(s)low’, not thinking to simply refer to UrbanDictionary.com.*
by Victor Van Styn August 05, 2005