what you tell someone that she\he is (usually via an Instant Messenger), as an entertaining way to inform her\him that she\he is slow-witted. It is especially humorous when they just don’t get it.. hence the person’s being ‘(s)low’!!
Kelsey: ..Geez. You're awfully (s)low.

Eric: ...‘(s)low’? Don’t you mean ‘slow’?? If so, I’ll have you know that I run a mile in under five minutes.

Kelsey: I’m sure you do*coughnotcough*.. But no, I mean ‘(s)low’: what »you« are.

Eric: What d’ya mean?

Kelsey: I’m not telling you; that’s for me to know, and for you to one day embarasedly find out.

Eric: But I dunno.. Are you sure it’s not the same as ‘slow’?

Kelsey: The more that you enquire into the meaning of your title--‘(s)low’--the more that it proves your being such.

Eric: How’m I s’pose to know what it means..

Kelsey: You are (s)low, you know..

Eric: Jus‘ shut up, I’m thinking..

Kelsey: About what, *you* and the *word ‘(s)low’*?

Eric: May be, may be not..

Kelsey: Exactly, you are, which be why I call you ‘(s)low one’. Just proves my point.

*Looking too deeply into it, Eric tries the hardest he can to learn the meaning and\or pun of ‘(s)low’, not thinking to simply refer to UrbanDictionary.com.*
by Victor Van Styn August 05, 2005
...a very cute an adorable female due to her lack of intelligence...You may look up words such as Lazy, Dumb, or Stupid and you'll find the same picture
Little girl named Tiffy L Who is randomly searching this site and is stupid enuff to look up da term stupid ^^
by Sky April 10, 2005
Me in bed.
Brandon is so HUGE and canlast so long in bed, Theirfore he is "slow".
by Brandon/SATAN January 21, 2004
1. Typically defined as a person who is either not hasty because he or she doesn't care or isn't in a hurry because of their slayed back attitude.
2. A person who has mental retardation due to their lack of IQ points.
3. To move slowly.
1. She tends to be running behind because of her slayed back attitude.
2. Is he slow or is that just me?
3. That grandpa is driving so slow.
by PineappleJuice March 28, 2015
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