To shit, usually profusely. Often used in situations where other well-known terms for defecating would be out-of-place. See slammer.
Hold up, I've gotta slam real quick.

After winning the fight, K-Tuck slammed on his opponent's face.
by Hof April 20, 2006
to bang the hell out of someone during sex
I slam that dick last night.
He slam shortie for an hour.
by mochavixen February 09, 2005
Slam. To Slam. Slammed.
1) To annihilate someone so badly in an argument to the point that they can't recover.
2) To beat someone down. (Usually involved in which the victim gets beat senseless.)
Bro 1: Bro! did you see Porter get slammed in that bar fight?!
Bro 2: Fuck yeah! I told Porter not to get in a fight with that dude.
Bro 1: And he did it anyways. What a Porter move.

See "Porter"
by I'mThatGuy January 31, 2014
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