a word made up by and stolen from the drum line...

has no meaning, can be used to end a sentence, as an agreement, or a general exclamation
yo wut r we gonna do tonight, slams?
I dunno, slams.
by SLAMS April 04, 2004
The often (but little) used & incorrect title for the street game
Wall-E plays like a game of squash but is played with the feet and a football. Players get knocked out in turn as they miss the ball when it rebounds off the wall.
Some peple get confused when thinking that Slams is the correct name for this game.
by regdaB January 29, 2009
Excessively large nipples; size is the only real marker for having slams but the darker the meat the slammy they are. Referring the fact that they look like solami.
She flashed me and I lauged cause her nipples were so big...she had slams!!
by JRod H. February 05, 2007
an expression used to show how awesome something is.
man, that movie was so slam!
by kelly beans August 27, 2006
background- real hood
2.loud music that sounds good.
Damn that shit slam.
That boy got slam in his scrapper.
by maxx March 03, 2005
to criticise particularly harshly
he slammed that idea
by mms July 30, 2003
To deficate immensely and with an insuing cornucopia of noises and grunts.
Man, I shouldn't have eatin those 4 burritos, 7 tacos, and 3 enchiladas, because now I have to take a SLAM.
by Josh June 20, 2003

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