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the most beautiful, hottest, and sexiest person alive. her lips are like pillows.
she is also one of the kindest and most determined people in the world. She also represtents the United States as a UN Ambassador.
wow, angelina jolie is my goddess!
by Maxx January 12, 2004
TMJ: temporo-mandibular joint
the joint where the jaw connects to the skull on both sides of the head.
hurts like hell when dislocated, you are barely able to open your mouth and cant really close it either.
it cannot be snapped back into place yourself.
it can occur from anyhting, including laughing or yawning.
"my TMJ hurts like hell :( "
by Maxx January 12, 2004
background- real hood- richmond cali
1.to do something messed up
2.to have a scandelous attitude or personality.
He robbed his friend, damn that boy is smerkish.
by maxx March 04, 2005
pretty. extremely cute and fun and personality. one that blossoms as more time is spent with them. unique and great to be around. can bring joy to anyones heart.
she is a sepeedeh. so rare
by maxx April 10, 2005
a girl or guy who fucks for free
That boy Chris is a free hoe.
by maxx March 04, 2005
a Markham, Ontario, Canada based 3D/2D graphics based developer founded in 2003.
currently "employs" 5 people.
They are responsible for 3D modeling for MOD teams like Entropy for HL2, Chaos-Ops for HL2, Clash of the Ages for HL2, Lost Reaction for HL2 and Hardcore-Life for HL
"Damn, Forever Studios is awesome!"
by Maxx January 12, 2004
Anything that deters a Hipster, Such as anything that is popular or mainstream. A Hipster's Kryptonite.
Dude, Gangnam Style is complete Hypstonite.
by MaxX November 18, 2012

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