A term used to describe when a woman hits a man in the balls with extreme force, that leaves the man incapacitated. The action is usually the last resort the woman comes to in order to defend her self from, or rid herself of the man and his balls.
If you don't stop tickling me I'm going to slam you! SLAM!!!
by Mark Cope May 18, 2006
1. To verbally insult, dis'(respect) or burn someone.
2. To smash someone.
1. "Should slam him 'bout having no game.
2. "If he keeps talkin shit, I'm gunna have to slam him."
by Diego August 21, 2003
to inject drugs
He quit smoking rock, he just slams coke now
by T-Science May 10, 2003
Sex Love Emotion Misery
Want to come over and Slam tonight
by RealityCincinnati October 05, 2013
to look insanely awesome using something, especially clothing; see rock
ComicCon Guy 1: Hey, check out the guy breakdancing in the classic Wolverine costume.
ComicCon Guy 2: Ooh, boy! Now that's how you slam the spandex!

Woo, check out the girl in the one piece slammin' that sailboard!
by SPAH September 01, 2012
1. The act of intercourse
2. Striking someone
3. Screaming at the top of your lungs to get your point across
1. Damn, I would slam that bitch!
2. You better stop talking about my mom like that or I'll slam you
3. SHUT UP YOU DUMBASS AND LET ME TALK! Alright sorry for slamming you but i need to say this....
by ~ J.P ~ June 17, 2009
the act of quickly consuming a beverage.
"Dude, wanna play some Grand Theft Auto?"

"Sure. Lemme just slam the rest of this Coke real quick."
by Cra260 July 10, 2008

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