To do, eat, drink, go anything.
What do you say we slam some taco bell? Tonight we'll slam some sloppy joe's for dinner. Let's slam some coronas before we leave. After I finish eating, I typically slam a minty. (Skoal mint chewing tobacco).
by Boboso July 31, 2006
big donkey crap
I just took a slam in Fumanchu's pool
To take a very large and painful shit
Get out of the bathroom, dude I gotta take a slam!
by Anonymous November 21, 2002
buzzkill; usually a dumb ho or a queerbait homosexual who acts a fool and has to be put in check. the term is said to have originated at the University of Arizona.
DJ, you're a fuckin SLAM!
by Nicoman November 17, 2006
a girl who is dateable and fuckable but she isnt the one that you would take home to mom
higher than a slap but lower than a smash
D: Why aint chu tryna spend time wit cho gurl?
B: i would be but she be gettin on my nerves sometimes
D: i thought she had smash-status
B: i did too but she just a slam
by founders of TC November 01, 2006
1. a prison

2. to criticize someone or something

3. force the basketball through the hoop
Stop slamming Paris Hilton. She didn't want that video to be released.
by Light Joker May 08, 2006
A massive shit, often smellier, messier, and more painful than normal. Yet, very rewarding once finished.
I just took a crazy slam. Anyone want a sandwich?
by hopcop April 30, 2006

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