1) Punk Rock-dancing in the "mosh pit" - bumping / running into other fans in front of the stage in a counter-clockwise, circular, semi-rhythmic fashion.
2) To hypodermically inject illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc.
3) Punch someone very hard.
1) Dude, you can't slam to Pearl Jam!
2) Dude, I don't slam that shit, I'll snort mine...
3) Dude, I slammed that asshole!
by D. Fletcher December 12, 2003
noun: 1. another form of the word "dump" when it comes to using the bathroom, but more intense. You would most likely hear this from a cool guy who just walked away from an exploding orphanage.

2. one of the key words mentioned in possibly one of the worst written songs of all time. ("Wannabe" by "Spice Girls")
1. Mick Gruber: Dude, I'm on my way to take a serious slam.

Random Guy: Alright, have fun with that. But next time, tell someone that actually knows you your intestinal feelings.

2.Spice Girls: "Slam your body down and wind it all around".

Listener: Whaaaaat?? What does that even mean?
by Can't Handle My Beard July 09, 2012
to be ugly
eww that bitch was slam!
by Shondra Stevens August 16, 2011
A ridiculously intense poop session.
Dude, don't go in there! I just took a hardcore slam!
by Anthony Bradley March 25, 2011
to slam = to eat (mostly used when extremly hungry or when being stoned and having the muncheese)

The word is of Danish origin and can be used as an adjective as in SLAM(MEREN)= something slam(ish)
fuck jeg ska ha noget slammeren mad nu

(fuck! im gonna get me some reel slammish food now)

lets slam som breakfast!

i just slammed a shitload of pandcackes!
by Rumleskaft June 20, 2010
The act of someone getting "slammed" with insults, the witness of the insult shouts "SLAM!" and backhands his palm.
Joey: Yeah joe, just like your mutha'.

Joe: (Joe Got Slammed, looks sad)

George: "SLAM!" (Backhands his palm)
by Douche'miester March 25, 2009
(slang) to inject drugs by use of a syringe.
slamming drugs to get high is the worst of taking drigs. May be at high risk of heart failure and death.
by jackson j May 26, 2006

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