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cool, rad, mental, mad...

Origin: Bankstown, Sydney

Other handy examples:
"Did you just see that skyline?? It was fully sik bro!"

".. and then i told him his bitch was ugly and he cut sik on me"
by mwah April 30, 2004
Interesting, cool, new. (variant of sick)
That dirty old man had a sik car.
by sik chode December 18, 2002
New name for popular texas holdem hand - 93 off suit. named after player Sikulu after stating "watch this smooth move" and proceeding to lose all his chips with this hand. this name has now reached infamy with most players on the site
hey, I've got the crap cards - take all my $$$ please
by barsteward October 05, 2004
turkish word. It means fuck, cock.
George sik him. hahahahahahaha.. That was retarted.
by seanito September 21, 2006
1. Rad, cool, happening

2. Ill

3. A word said by fiftys chavs with lisps
1. Wow thats a sik car

2. Eww i feel sik

2. Wowzer sik man
by Emzi J June 28, 2007
A person who is rather shady. You can't really pinpoint what's so sketchy about this person, but you know to keep an eye on them because they are always doing something sketchy.
That guy dressed in all black, hiding behind the car is a sik.
by EatShitSiks March 25, 2011
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