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cool, rad, mental, mad...

Origin: Bankstown, Sydney

Other handy examples:
"Did you just see that skyline?? It was fully sik bro!"

".. and then i told him his bitch was ugly and he cut sik on me"
by mwah April 30, 2004
the most gorgeous girl on earth. one with incredible leadership qualities and intense beauty to match a fun personality.
Rahnuma is the light of my life.
by MWAH December 10, 2004
A step-up from the popular coined phrase radical and rad.

Origin: Australia (Canberra, ACT)
You totally missed out on a sik set by (insert bignuts DJ name) last night.. it was fuckin' radnuts.
by mwah April 29, 2004
it means big or huge
dat whale is huge man!
by mwah November 24, 2004
Joey B. on a sugar high
C-Dog-izzle: Are you a hyper fag?
J-Dog-izzle: cha
by mwah March 15, 2005

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