Small Island Developing States.
Dr Toepfer was speaking at the launch of a Unep report on the plight of small island developing states, known as Sids.
by Chris January 06, 2005
a hybrid of scene kids-sids
"Hye look at them sids!"
by adamski24 March 26, 2007
Sid is sometimes a guy who you get really close to, and you get so close people mistake you for going out, but the friend always says there not, the only sad thing is, after a while, Sid stops talking to you all together and you feel lost, like you've lost a bestbestbest fwiend.
Me and Sid where close then something happend and we just stopped talking.
by sweetcheeks17 December 22, 2011
a sloth exceptionally lazy
look a sid
by iamsidsid May 28, 2010
A slang expression implying yes, or I understand.
-Did you go and get the laundry done today?


-What's happening man?
-Not much, you know.
by Ian Robertson September 03, 2005
It's basically

Graham: i dare you to drink that sid
Dave: Na bruv, i'm not a pleb
by Inbetweener January 14, 2010
Suck It Dry
SUCK IT DRY HOE! SID ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Xx_Panic_xX November 23, 2008

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