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The inability to hold one's sperm in for more then two minutes during:foreplay, oral sex, and/or intercourse.Usually results in a very unhappy/confused partner.
One Minute Wonder and Horney Heather were gettin it on, and One Minute Wonder was givin it his all and making quite the impression. The next time OMW and Horney Heather went out their time together was... less that satisfactory. But, Heather being the wonderful and caring person she was decided to give OMW one more chance, and another and another. Unfortunatly Heather was not seeing any improvement. She therefore decided that OMW was a hopeless "quick draw" and left him immediatly.
by Jackie February 23, 2005
When a guy is a "one pump jump" which means he cums too fast.
I wanted to have an orgasm from sex, but my boyfriend is such a quick draw that he had to go down on me when he was done.
by lmg October 15, 2003
The act of quickly exiting a pornographic website as someone enters the room.
Dude, you gotta work on your quickdraw. I saw that porn a mile away.
by SFDX September 06, 2010
A verb used to describe the action of an old Vietnam war vet who wishes to use smith and westons to blow your brains out in a game which you yourself must first name.
Hobo: So kids what's the name of the game?
Kid: Quickdraw???
Hobo:Your damn right it is...
by Deconns617 November 30, 2013
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