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A little baby; A child in the first period of human life.

The product of a pregnancy after giving birth.
Random stranger: "What a precious infant; How old?"
Infant's Mother: "Thank you; She is 5 months."
by blueraejay October 02, 2011
self explanatory -lots of fun can be had by replacing the word 'baby' with infant. 'baby' is used anywhere and everywhere for everything!!!. -substituting 'infant' garners some definite puzzlement, you may not publish this; but try it! it throws a definite wrench in the speech 'machine' -serves as a delightful speech 'stiffening agent' too!
see you later, infant
ooh,ooh,ooh,ooh infant, infant (-smokey robinson)
shes' my precious infant
by michael foolsley December 10, 2009
1. n One who knows little. 2. n one who removes their own pants in public regardless of the presence of others. 3. n one who acts immature.
The two year old brother of a sixteen year old high school female strips on the kitchen table while her friends are over. This is an infant.
by !xobile !xobile June 10, 2006
A special type of black female aka a baby girl. You can spot an infant by her weave as they are oftentimes green, blue, pink, red etc. An infant doesn't take shit from anyone and she doesn't give a f*ck. She likes to drink, the mens and having long sparkly nails. Infancy is a way of life. See HDI and zygote for other forms of infancy.
'Precious' is an infant.

I went to Crenshaw Plaza today on a safari and saw the most excellent infants.
by calvyb February 05, 2011
speed espcially crystal meth
when you snort it you will cry like an infant
"my wife got so mad at me for doing infant"
by rapala August 25, 2007
One who has a hard time drinking large quantities of alcohol, watches StarTrek, eats Tony's Pizza, spends lots of time playing Xbox 360, is a huge fan of KidRock, and often goes by "Greggy Pooh".
Look over there on the waterbed, there is an infant laying there watching Prison Break!!!!
by Christina Beanie Baby May 08, 2008
1. n Renewable, organically farmed food source.

Source: W Ellis, Wired UK, November 2009 issue.
We need more infants and dried fish if we are to avoid starvation this winter.
by Morthandeus October 09, 2009
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