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A person that asks way too many obvious questions. The questions asked could easily be found by the Sid, but the Sid would rather ask other people, continuesly. If the Sid gets ignored or gets no answer in return, he responds with "what?", pretending that someone did actually say something that the Sid just didn't hear. Sid's are typically referred to the Google website.
Me: Hey man, try this soda!
Sid: Thanks dude *grabs soda*. How much sugar is in this soda?
Me: Try looking on the back of the can, Sid.
by Notzetla July 21, 2010
59 157
Someone who is incompetent and generally gets nothing accomplished. Often used to display a contemptuous attitude towards a person of this nature.
The oft-used: "Goddamnit Sid!"
by joned March 01, 2007
33 138
A name commonly used to describe the stinky kid that never showers at all.
Man, that Claypool's a real Sid.
by gangsta$gangsta March 02, 2009
21 128