Scientific Investigation Division (SID) is responsible for the collection, comparison and interpretation of physical evidence found at crime scenes or collected from suspects and victims.
SID analyzes various types of evidence that may connect a suspect to a crime, associate particular items to a specific source or determine the circumstances surrounding an event.
by Dani_elle November 04, 2014
Short for sidanie.
A hipster that would rather have flowers on her head than diamonds around her neck. A fun and pretty girl that brightens up your day. If you don't love sid, then you need to fix your life.
Sid enjoys spending her days on twitter and talking about dicks.
by julesluvsu July 09, 2013
Sudden Infantile Dumbass Syndrome. Occurs when an adult baby is placed in time out and loses a toy and he tries to get it unsuccessfully, and he gets hurt or dies because of it
When Barnaby was placed in time out, he discovered that he had lost his teddy bear. As he reached out of his adult-sized crib to get it, the crib closed on his neck crushing it. He had died suddenly of SIDS. He should have waited for his wife to come back after he had cooled off from his tantrum.
by chad'srockergrrrll October 20, 2010
Self-inflicted Dirty Sanchez
I was smelling my finger last night and accidently gave myself a SIDS.
by nav3000k September 23, 2010
Sound Interface Device-
The sound card used on the Commodore 64, now used in eclectic music styles.
-do you know machinae supremacy?
-Oh yeah. They're that kick-ass SID band.
by slippy0 March 25, 2006
sid is a name given to people who make silly mistakes
waking up from a dream clapping. you silly sid
by cojuk January 28, 2005
A slang term of gratidude towards another individual, complimenting them on a success.
"You're a Sid mate, cheers"
by PaganPrince July 18, 2005
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