Adj.; Describes one who has quick and jagged actions, especially sexually. This includes fast and painful sex, lizard-like tongue thrusting, and finger-banging. A sharp person can usually be heard saying 'uh uh uh (very rapidly)'. Opposite of "melty".
The mascot of the sharp people would be a rat.

That guy was so fucking sharp. He stabbed my hoo with his fingers so hard, and he actually thought it felt good for me.
by StephanieNA March 19, 2007
Top Definition
when you, or an object looks very nice and attractive.
After I put on my suit, I thought to myself, "I look so fucking sharp, I could cut someone"
by pimp daddy dollars February 09, 2005
acronym for Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice
SHARPs don't listen to skrewdriver
by W¡ll¡ªM April 22, 2003
Skin Heads Against Racial Pejudice.

the anti-racist skin head
look, that skin head is helping out that black guy, he must be a SHARP!
by skin April 22, 2005

1. clever or intelegent

2. good looking or well dressed
Your looking sharp today.
by Light Joker February 01, 2007
on the exact minute in reference to meeting at a specific point in time.
don't be late. see u at 3pm sharp
by screamdemon August 16, 2009
Something that is good or sleek.
"Yo that's a sharp throw man!"
by Phoenix March 05, 2003
pointy object
imma take this sharp knife and stab you in the penis
by Sex October 04, 2003
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