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ADJ. This is the adjective from the word shar-pei and refers to penises that have too much foreskin. Although primarily a description of a slightly odd penis, the adjective has also come to be used for someone or something stupid.
Person 1 'I think it would be quite fun swimming downstairs... oops i mean downhill, but wouldn't it be hard swimming back up again?'
Person 2 'You are so sharp!'
by Nanky April 16, 2007
12 21
Used to describe something that is very good, usually intoxicating substances of some kind.
Whoa, man! That shit is sharp!
by Antony June 07, 2006
5 14
When a friend of yours goes after someone he knows you like.
"oi did you hear he's going after that girl you like"
" you mean he's doin a sharp?
by 006 October 08, 2007
38 48
whan a person can't play music for shit.
i'm gonna break that clarinet if you keep playing sharp!
by bob the unbuilder April 02, 2007
6 16
stands for SkinHeads Against Repping Properly.

mostly young kids who don't know much about the skinhead scene.

some confused older heads claim sharp too, but their just fuckin retarded.
random dude: Are you a nazi?

skinhead: naw, fuck that noise.

Random dude: so your a sharp?

skinhead: wha--? no you fuckin idiot, im a skinhead. get the fuck outta here before i beat your ass.

*random dude scurries off*
by joey hustle April 13, 2008
20 31
adj. good, awesome, nice
looking goos, " worthy of praise
"damn, you see Beau-dogg yesterday. he was lookin fine as a quoohog. he had his pimpin hat and shoes and shades on it, i was turing grren with envy yo "
by Beau Shizzle February 14, 2005
7 20
sharp stand for skinheads against racial predjuice they are a Joke that where started by a gay Jewish punk rocker who shaved his head in 1987 in New york city. sharp is a excuse to include Minorties from the hard core and punk sceen into the skinhead subculture and make them feel like they are down! many sharps are closet racist,Ultra nationalistic or so anti-racist that they are racist them selfs
they are many types of skinheads sharp is on faction
by NLR718 July 01, 2006
89 105