A South African term used as a greeting, or to say thank you, often doubled up as 'sharp sharp'. It is pronounced 'shup'.
Pete:"Hey Joe, how are you?"
Joe: "Sharp bra, how's about you?"
Pete: "Sharp sharp!"

Pete: "Sharp, Joe!"
Joe: "Sharp"

Pete: "See you later, Joe!"
Joe: "Sharp Sharp"

Pete: "Here is your sandwich"
Joe: "Sharp brother"
by Deelingroovy January 21, 2014
SHARP is short for Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice - an anti-fascist and anti-racist group of skinheads.
What kind of skinheads are you?

We are SHARPs. You better take of those white laces.
by Tino SHARPovac April 23, 2008
1. adj. pointed, cutting edge 2. adj. smart or intelligent
1. That was one sharp ass stick u just jabbed in my eye!
2. That foo was the sharpest motha this side of the tracks.
by Frizzy October 04, 2003
verb, SHARPed, SHARPing

During the course of Live Action Role Play, while attempting to LARP, a small to medium quantity of shit comes out instead usually accompanied by a seeping odor and a noticeable pause in the SHARPee's discourse.
Wil Wheaton stood atop the mound amidst the LARPers, "Wherefore doth come whence yon... ohp... I..." Wil paused noticeably, "I think I just SHARPed in my pants." The back panel of Wil Wheaton's suit was opened and out spilled brown water and corn.
by Torn Wrecked'em January 08, 2013
to tell one to shut up
sharp, or i'll spend your child benefits down mecca *backhands kid*
by beekeeperr January 09, 2012
Another word for a blunt.
Person A: How we going to smoke this?
Person B: Let's roll a sharp.
by ComChameleon February 16, 2010
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