A type of skinhead that still belives in his/her country, and takes pride in it. But fights against racisism.
Guy1: Did you check out all those skin bands at the show last night?!

Guy2: Yea, and all the money from it went to our soldiers in Iraq!
by Oi! Oi! Oi! August 04, 2005
An acronym for: SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice.
There was a fight at the bar between neo-Nazis and S.H.A.R.P.s.
by masemase February 23, 2009
verb, Sharped, Sharping

During the course of Live Action Role Play, while attempting to LARP and a small to medium quantity of shit comes out instead usually accompanied by a seeping odor and a noticeable pause in the SHARPee's discourse.
Gandalfzor showed up in her robot-like suit of boxes wrapped in tin foil. "Uhh, what are you?" inquired the LARPmaster.

"I'm a wizard," muttered Gandalfzor.

"Wizards don't wear armor, dude." The LARPmaster sounded annoyed.

"STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!" cried Gandalfzor.
Gandalfzor stood atop the mound amidst the LARPers, "Wherefore doth come whence yon... ohp... I..." Gandalfzor paused noticeably, "I think I just SHARPed in my pants." The back panel of Gandalfzor's suit was opened and out spilled brown water and corn.
by Abernomicon January 08, 2013
Australian word for "injection needles".
Found in most public toilets in Australia, there are locked disposal bins to stop drug users from throwing away needles in public areas.
The word "SHARPS" appears above the disposal bin.
by CJAMinthe house June 15, 2010
To be aware of something, replacing the phrase " I know right"
Dawkon : Breyana is a hoe

Tyrell : I'm already sharp
by Lefifi May 11, 2014
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