sharp stand for skinheads against racial predjuice they are a Joke that where started by a gay Jewish punk rocker who shaved his head in 1987 in New york city. sharp is a excuse to include Minorties from the hard core and punk sceen into the skinhead subculture and make them feel like they are down! many sharps are closet racist,Ultra nationalistic or so anti-racist that they are racist them selfs
they are many types of skinheads sharp is on faction
by NLR718 July 01, 2006
Having a small surface area, like a cutting instrument.
I tried to cut the cheese with a block of wood, but it was too dull, so I used a razor blade, which was sharp.
by rpfeff October 06, 2003
heroin...the REAL urban meaning of the term.
I need to go steal me a VCR, so I can then sell it and cop some sharp.
by Dude October 27, 2003

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