Top Definition
a stick stuck up an annoying person's ass.
"I hate that kid Eric. He's an ass stick!"
by alisoncatie March 05, 2009
a magical stick that can point to a hot girls as 100km away
my ass stick showed me 100 ass's in 1 day
by asspro67 October 04, 2005
(n.) A biological or nutured anal predicament. Inflames when instigated by untimeliness, uncleanliness, dispropriety, etc. usually on the part of others rather than onesself. Derivation - from having a stick up one's ass.
Yo. Wassup with your asstick, I was only 15 minutes late. Or, chill out, dude, your assstick is showing. Or, my friend is such a pain in the ass. He's cool and all, but sometimes I wish I could just reach over and remove that assstick.
by hj4h June 09, 2005
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